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“Sands, Parson, and Duane (1991) noted there are four general functions of a mentor: a friend who serves an interpersonal function; a career guide who promotes professional insight; an information source who provides practical advice about academic expectations; and an intellectual guide who can offer constructive criticism about empirical pursuits.”

The CBSW Mentor Program is a one-on-one program model, which asks for a one year commitment, where the mentor and mentee connect once per month. 


1. CBSW Mentor Program Goals: 

a. To engage mentees and connect them with a professional mentor who will help guide them throughout the school year. 

b. To empower mentees to continually set goals and reach new heights in the field of Social work. 

c. To provide a safe space for Black Social Workers to relax, relate, release, and continue their journey. 

2. The CBSW Mentor Program serves Black Students in the field of Social Work. Anyone registered as a social work student and is a member of the CBSW us eligible for the CBSW Mentor Program.  

3. Mentors will share knowledge around professional development, setting boundaries, self-care, recommendations for updating resumes, building networks, translating/transferring skill set, developing a personal vision and mission statement, as well as creating an overall safe space to voice concerns, fears, challenges, etc. 


4. Mentees will check in with Professor Foster once per semester to discuss their progress and their experience. 


5. The CBSW Mentor Program is from September – April following an academic calendar.

Baylie Spring (Mentee) and Jaha Martin, the 2022-2023 CBSW Mentor of the Year. 

We are always looking for mentors. Please consider investing in a social work student or new professional! 

Students & new professionals, we would love to pair you with a mentor! 

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